Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 24th

Kayleigh & Bunny Ears, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

This is Kayleigh sporting one of the kiddie hats... they're so adorable!

January 23rd

Korean McDonald's, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

It's McDonald's. It's a drive-through. And it's in Korean. Last weekend Jeff got a taxi to go through. Kind of cool, considering we walk e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

January 22nd

Olivia & Seaweed, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

Some parents really appreciated Olivia's efforts and rewarded her with... a giant box of seaweed.

January 21st

We recently celebrated Lunar New Year, and I thought this display at Home Plus was interesting, demonstrating the traditional table setting with the plethora of side dishes.

January 20th

Sidewalk Shopping, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

All along the sidewalks are these clothing shops run by people out of their vans. Most of these articles of clothing are $10 or less.

January 19th

ECC, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

The other school I work at, ECC, takes the 3rd-5th floors on the left. On the right is where I stayed in the hospital with the broken leg.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18th

Orange Juice Fixes Cars!, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

January 17th

January 16th

Koala Class - Jan09, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

January 15th

January 14th

IVY Kids - Snow!, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

January 13th

Yuria and Helen, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

January 11th

Cheesy Ramen, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

One of my favorite meals--cheesy ramen. It's regular spicy Korean ramen at a kimbap shop with a slice of processed cheese added. Makes all the difference.

January 12th

Yuri & Lunch Boxes, originally uploaded by oneglassslipper.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 10th

These people sell food out of the back of their truck out in front of school. It's mostly fried, and it's mostly delicious. They were incredibly helpful to me when I broke my leg--they hurried to open doors for me and we always say hello. It's one of those experiences where smiles transcend language barriers.

January 9th

One of my afternoon kindergarten kids. I wanted a picture of the girl with a really cool hat, but she was absent this day. This one's still pretty adorable~

January 8th

I ate chicken galbi for the first time, and it was quite tasty! I enjoyed how much cabbage there was in the dish--made me feel like I was eating healthy. Which, technically, I was.

January 7th

Finding pieces of home in Korea is easy for Canadians, eh!

January 6th

Winston and Max doing their workbook. Please note the appropriate stance for working at a table: sit on your foot, stretch as far away as possible, then work.

January 5th

These were my new mints until Alex coughed on the whole tin. Recommended if you see them~

January 4th

I love Max. Here he is doing his workbook and trying desperately not to look at me.

January 3rd

Heather and I get pizza every Tuesday with a liter of Coke. Inevitably, for months now, we have this much Coke remaining. Why? WHY?!

January 2nd

The Korean sandwich meat selection is broad indeed: would you like ham, or ham?

January 1st... part II

Ringing in the new year with a drinking game! That I have very little recollection of...

January 1st

Blogger is being an asshole and won't let me add pictures.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kate 52

My mom's friend is doing a project where she is trying to take a picture every day for 365 days; I have no problem with this premise. What I have a problem with is the prospect of uploading a picture every single day.

A wise woman reminds me every single time I see her to "know thyself." Well, my self won't do the uploading, will get disheartened, and quit. So my genius mother proposed a new project, project 52. And so here it is. Kate 52. I hope you enjoy the blog where each post is worth a thousand words.