Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 25th

You'd be wise to just expect a lot of flower pictures the next few weeks. :)

March 24th

I decided this was notable because they completely changed the playground equipment without me knowing.

March 23rd

My fondness for Korean signs continues strong.

March 22nd


March 21st

You know me and my pink...

March 20th

Happy birthday, mama!
And what better way to draw attention to your store than to tape a hand-written sign to the street? While taking this picture, Hannah and I were accosted by the adoring Korean public. Yup. We're English teachers!

March 19th

I'm proud of this picture. I think it's beautiful. I also have no idea what it is. Anyone else?

March 18th

For all those Koreans in want of an afro?

March 17th

Hannah and my St. Patrick's Day Guinness.

March 16th

I tripped over this sidewalk every day--the tree's roots had pushed the bricks all funkily. Thankfully, the city finally fixed it!