Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 25th

You'd be wise to just expect a lot of flower pictures the next few weeks. :)

March 24th

I decided this was notable because they completely changed the playground equipment without me knowing.

March 23rd

My fondness for Korean signs continues strong.

March 22nd


March 21st

You know me and my pink...

March 20th

Happy birthday, mama!
And what better way to draw attention to your store than to tape a hand-written sign to the street? While taking this picture, Hannah and I were accosted by the adoring Korean public. Yup. We're English teachers!

March 19th

I'm proud of this picture. I think it's beautiful. I also have no idea what it is. Anyone else?

March 18th

For all those Koreans in want of an afro?

March 17th

Hannah and my St. Patrick's Day Guinness.

March 16th

I tripped over this sidewalk every day--the tree's roots had pushed the bricks all funkily. Thankfully, the city finally fixed it!

March 15th

The Ides of March! In honor, I took a picture of a Pork Valley sign. Honestly, who wouldn't want to live in Pork Valley?

March 14th

This is me with my former Kinder partner teacher, Yuria. She still watches out for me as she works as the head teacher for all teachers under the ECC umbrella. She's absolutely adorable, but hates having her picture taken~

March 13th

This is a Pappa Rotti bun. It has a crisp, maple-flavored outer shell, flaky inside, and in that hole is some melted butter. It is wonderful, and I'm glad it's across a very busy street from school and requires an effort to obtain.

March 12th

This is my only Tuesday/Thursday afternoon class--we've had a lot of tears, screaming, gluing, giggling, and "I love yous" over the last eight months. They are so precious, but helping 9 kids who can't read do workbooks... Tiring.

March 11th

I caught up with my old kids playing after school before their new English lessons with Hannah. I'm glad to know life goes on, but they'll still always be my first class.

March 10th

So two Brits, one Canadian, and one American, split two bottles of Spanish wine at an Italian restaurant in South Korea.

March 9th

Almost all of Dove class.

March 8th

Pony class!

March 7th

So it wasn't much better on me. :)

March 6th

Kayleigh trying new lipstick. I think Heather approved.

March 5th

Our new Kinder teacher--Hannah--and her fiance, Mark.

March 4th

Kayleigh and Heather on the rainbow stairway to... the dollar store?

March 3rd

Korean Graffiti

March 2nd

Is it coffee? Is it tea? Can't decide? Coffea!!

March 1st

What if March comes in like a horse?

February 28th

We met a Korean MTV celebrity--kind of cool.

February 27th

Because, I find, in Korea there is just never enough randomness.

February 26th

Shopping is crazy here, and these corner shops tend to avoid taxes. Kind of neat.

February 25th

The last time lining up to go home.

February 24th

The last day of school was a hard one for Kate Teacher...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 23rd

These guys help people find parking, and they have to wear these getups all winter long.

February 22nd

Be glad you can't smell it... We saw how they harvested silk!

February 21st

All spiffy for a rehearsal of The Wizard of Oz, Justin and Winston were both scarecrows.

February 20th

I kind of lost my hamster. And I kind of thought it was funny enough to take a picture of her on the loose.

February 19th

So two foreigners walk into an English Pub, where they had no English beers at all. Hehe.

February 18th

You have to look hard, but there are 2 dancing girls you can see. Stores hire these anorexic beauties to dance for 3-4 hours at a time to lure in customers. It's really bizarre. I'll try to get a better photo.

February 17th

There is a place downtown where you can go and have your foot dead skin cells eaten by small fish. Of course it's called Dr. Fish Spa.

February 16th

I have discovered a love of sitting around doing nothing. This is the view from where I sit doing nothing.

February 15th

This just makes me smile every time I go into the restroom at school.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Korea, the country that loves love, hearts, pink, and stationery, does not have Valentines, so I made my own.

February 13th

Valentine's Coffee
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The highlight of my day.

February 12th

Bug Museum
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I just thought it was cute how interested they were.

February 11th

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This is a shot in the hospital that brought me back to my first night here. They wanted me to use that weird contraption in the back as some sort of walker to get to and from the bathroom. Finally, after I fell the second time, they gave me crutches. Much better!

February 10th

Sweet Potatoes
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One of our favorite snacks: roasted sweet potatoes! They're really delicious without butter, marshmallows, or salt. Who would have guessed?

February 9th

Ramen Seasoning?
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I got a little excited to see what looks like the same seasonings as are in my favorite ramen. I don't want to bring home hundreds of packages of ramen, so I wondered if it was purchasable by itself...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8th

Kate with no hair. (And good bye, Mel!)

February 7th

Kate with hair. (And maybe Chris's hat.)

February 6th

It still amazes me how well bus drivers know their boundaries with their vehicles. This is taken from about 3 feet away in my own bus.

February 5th

Really, this week was filled with good byes and a lot of drinking so... the next few pictures may be a bit redundant. This picture demonstrates the Bamboo Soju. They pour soju into bamboo stalks and let them absorb each other's flavors. It's delicious.

February 4th

Flags & Sky
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I just thought it was kind of neat.